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“The little things are infinitely the most important.“

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since October 20, 2001!

About us

With over 35 years of affiliation with education, sports, social, civic, church groups and other

organizations. Throughout all of my time in association with all of these types of


Scratch Cards

The Fundraising Scratch Cards are very attractive and sturdy with their double stock construction and smooth finish. Definitely not paper-like or cheap. Their sleek design and appearance, they sell themselves!

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How many scratch off spots are there?

How much money can we generate with 25 fundraising scratch cards?
For 25 cards you can raise as much as $2,575. You receive 5 extra cards...



There are mainly five different Scratch Card Fundraising Groups. Church Fundraising, School Fundraising, Sports Fundraising, People / Organization Fundraising and Cheerleading Fundraising. Our Scratch to Give Fundraising Cards can be used for virtually any good cause. *Cards shown below are just for illustrative purposes only.

Custom Scratch Cards

The cards are designed so that we can easily give them a professional, customized appearance. Your personalized labels can state your name, organization name, cause name...


Scratch Card Benefits

• You Get 5 Bonus Cards with each order of 25 Cards!
• 25 Fundraising Scratch Cards can Profit $2,575!
• 25 + 5 Free Bonus Cards can Profit $3,090!
• Minimum Order of 25 Cards at $250 + 5 Cards Free!
• No Upfront Money Needed!
• Payment is 30 days after delivery! Fundraiser Pays Itself!
• Shipped Free via Fed-Ex!
• Extremely Simple, Easy to Use & Durable!
• Works for Virtually any Good Cause!
• Gratifying Experience in Helping Others!
• Full Support Before, During & After Your Fundraiser!
• Satisfaction is Guaranteed!!!