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Fundraising Scratch Cards - About Us

With over 35 years of affiliation with education, sports, social, civic, church groups and other organizations. Throughout all of my time in association with all of these types of groups, one thing that was quite often done and found not to be very easy was fundraising for the groups. Having years of fundraising experience, not all methods worked or were too involved. A successful standard to fundraising was absolutely needed. I set about to devise and create an easy and successful fundraising program.

The Scratch to Give program that I developed excels in guaranteed profit, fundraising success that is not only the easiest method of fundraising but an attractive and fun way to have fundraisers completed perfectly. Adding to the ease of use I provide all participating groups with free consultation. Providing you with a sense of ease as I work with you before, during and after your fundraising programs are completed. You will receive professional service that is more than expected.

Your Business and Friendship is Greatly Appreciated.
We always appreciate your business and friendship.
Thank you. God Bless and Best Wishes, Richard "RD" Cowgill
Please email me with your questions and interest in fundraising.